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Anketa XXI. (Vyhodnotenie)

*Will you join to Tweak's Skinshot Tournament?*

Not only I'll join, I will destroy everyone.
(33%, 9 votes)
nEscafeX, Salleenn, Lachyy, TwK, sbq, homerun, Dzouu, Crasher, turbik

If I'll have time of course I will.
(26%, 7 votes)
skafo, Lopez, Fany, Cortez, mOti, Zawar, FloridaKral

No I won't. Unfortunately, I aint playing during the summer.
41%, 11 votes)
shifer, vanss, Kloaka, mark1, Com@n, insomniak, RsTeaM, Roc, VoeRiS, DriftDog, Sawi


The most voted for
No I won't. Unfortunately, I aint playing during the summer.

Total votes

Started on

Ended on

There are 11 people who aren't nuts and they're enjoing the summer and life. Anyway. thank you for your interest in joining the tournament. If things go right I will manage some special VIP tournament with more weapons (for fun) for some small prizes during the winter. As always, I would like to thank you for your votes and I hope you will vote in the next one.

PS: For those who voted for the first and second answer (including skafo) get your fat ass out :D

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Posted on 29.07.2019  ·  2 Comments  · 332 Reads  ·Print
#1 | TweaKK on July 29 2019 22:48:26
XD hehehe
#2 | skafo on July 30 2019 10:05:02
Shifer [auu] Šklebící se
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15-07-2020 10:38
RaS jsou ostatne cheateri stejne jako bme eru

15-07-2020 10:19

15-07-2020 07:33
spíš turbik unranked Boosted Shit

15-07-2020 01:20
Shifer by to měl změnit na SKAFFO [SILVER 1]

14-07-2020 12:33
boys schovajte drugs ide NAKA Vyděšený joint bully

14-07-2020 10:18

14-07-2020 09:52
ďakujem že si to všetkým vysvetlil rys Å klebící se

14-07-2020 03:54

14-07-2020 00:53

13-07-2020 21:23
Skafo Silver ) turbik vidis dobre, skafo ) turbik ta jebla sikma zavorka mi pise naky ggtt Šklebící se

13-07-2020 20:11
Skafo Silver cože vidím špatně? oral

13-07-2020 19:35
Šklebící se eru

13-07-2020 13:43
ok thanks god

13-07-2020 13:12
no stress tweak Šklebící se dont play... Šklebící se

13-07-2020 11:44
Skafo dont play with silver like nosawn :/

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